What Xconomy Readers Are Saying About the iPad

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3. Which features of the iPad appeal to you most?



“Easy internet use all the time.”

“Cool factor.

“I am planning to read Amazon e-books on my Kindle reader for i-Phone.”

“We are also actively working to develop the OfficeDrop app for iPad—paper documents on the iPad.”

“Portability, ability to read laying down and re-orient screen at will for comfort.”

“I am waiting for a really great photo editing product on iPad. Every time I use my iMac for photo editing (a lot), I wish I could lay it flat and use my fingers instead of the mouse + keyboard.”

“Weight, Battery life, Etc.”


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2 responses to “What Xconomy Readers Are Saying About the iPad”

  1. 16-GB is the best choice. Mainly because the hotness factor will only last for 6 – 12 months. Newer models be better and cheaper. Anyways, who needs a 3G when 4G is coming up?

  2. Sandy Weiner says:

    I pre ordered at 32GB 3G iPad. I am an Apple enthusiast and I own just about every electronic item that they make. Being 66 years old, an avid Kindle reader, and a computer hobbyist, I really had a difficult choice. I wanted to get the iPad immediately but I knew I would eventually be upset that I didn’t have the 3G version.

    I will be using it as a GPS in my car and the golf course (have to get a mount for the car and golf cart). I actually will probably get rid of my iPhone and purchase a cheap cell to get my incoming phone calls and use a VOIP to make out going calls on my iPad.

    I guess I am going to have to wait it out and suffer without one.

    Impatient and waiting, Sandy Weiner