Enjoy the holidays, and watch this space…

The boys and I will be taking some much needed time off for the next week and a half, so posting will be light in the main blog and News Xpress sections. But keep your eyes peeled, because over in the Xconomist Forum things are going to be hopping right on through the New Year. A number the the world’s leading innovators, entrepreneurs and investors have graciously agreed to use that space to share their thoughts about the most important developments in their fields in the last decade, and their predictions for the decade to come.

Thanks to the Xconomists, to all of our readers, and to all of our underwriters and partners for helping to make this last year such an exciting one for Xconomy. To watch our reach and our business grow, particularly in what’s been such a tough year, has been deeply gratifying and humbling.

We’ll be back on January 4 with all the tech and life sciences news you need to know about and, shortly after that, with some new faces (hint: the editorial team will no longer be “the boys and I”) and features. Until then, I hope your days are joyous, relaxing, and—with some help to the Xconomists—illuminating.

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