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Tech Executive Pay Raises Way Down, New Study Says

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Communications: $210,100

Hardware/Semiconductors: $203,900

Software: $189,700

Digital Media/Content/Information: $171,800

Life Sciences

Therapeutics $287,000

Medical devices: $266,900

Tools/Instrumentation: $215,700

—2009 CEO pay by sector and region (includes founders and non-founders):

Life Sciences

Mid-Atlantic (NY, NJ, PA): $288,500

California: $285,100

New England: $276,900

Midwest: $239,300

West (excludes California and includes Washington and Oregon): $234,600

Southeast: $225,100


New England: $207,200

Midwest: $202,600

California: $193,800

Southeast: $192,100

Mid-Atlantic: $190,100

West: $184,900

J. Robert Scott’s Lapat told me not to read too much into the regional differences in pay, since other factors such as the number of employees at a firm and the maturity of a company can have a greater impact on compensation than geography.

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