Calling All WordPress/PHP/Apache/Linux Gurus—Particularly the Ones With Pagers

As we’ve grown over the last few years, we’ve prided ourselves on keeping our operations lean and mean, in no small part by making the most of DIY technologies and virtual working arrangements. But every once in a while—say when a bitchy little worm wiggles its way through WordPress sites across the Web—we’re reminded that sometimes we really can’t DIO and sometimes we need some real help, fast.

Perhaps this is where you come in. We’re looking for somebody who knows WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Apache, and Linux—and who can step in quickly to help us when any of that stuff hits the fan. We’re probably not talking about a lot of hours (we certainly hope we’re not!) but availability in an emergency is key. So if you’re the sort of person who’s always at your computer anyway, maybe we can work something out. And I should mention that we’re always hatching new ideas for the site, so if you’re interested in playing a more active role in Xconomy’s evolution there may well be opportunities for that, too.

None of this, by the way, is meant to minimize the brilliant and heroic efforts of our CTO emeritus Andrew Koyfman or the mad skillz of our friends at Media-Hive. It’s just that, for reasons that utterly escape me, these guys are often “busy” with their “jobs” or “sleep” or something like that when the aforementioned stuff is hitting the aforementioned fan. If your relationship to such pursuits is a reasonably flexible one, drop us a note at

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3 responses to “Calling All WordPress/PHP/Apache/Linux Gurus—Particularly the Ones With Pagers”

  1. David Solomont says:

    What’s a “pager” ? :)