Vertex Drug Could Be “Man on the Moon” for Cystic Fibrosis Therapy, Says Researcher Bonnie Ramsey

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and get vitamin deficiencies. That nutritional aspect, and management of it, has had a major impact.

You could say, well, why didn’t you do that 30 years ago? I think a lot of it has to do with the mindset. It’s interesting. A lot of it is a matter of saying, ‘Yes, we can change this.’ This is also what happened with leukemia in the 1960s. People have said, ‘We can do something about it.’ Then you get much more aggressive. I do think that a secondary impact of discovering the gene and the protein in 1989 was that people said, ‘You know, what? There’s a chance we can cure this disease. Therefore, we had better make sure these patients are doing well.’ Hope has a huge impact on the way people approach disease management.

X: Even with the gene, people turned to gene therapy, and it didn’t work.

BR: That’s right, but, psychologically, it changed the way we approached patients.

X: So we’re still benefitting from the fundamental understanding of biology. But what kind of potential does this really offer to patients if lifespan has doubled?

BR: First of all, lifespan doubled, but that means you’re getting into [the mid-30s] or so. And remember, we’re talking about median survival, so there’s a bell-shaped curve. You’re still going to have patients who are getting very sick when they are teenagers. Then other people get sick when they are 30 and 40. Even a doubled life span is not a normal American life span. You still are decades away from the average lifespan, so we need to improve that.

Second of all, although quality of life has dramatically improved, these patients still have to go through a very time-intensive regimen. They have to spend hours just managing all their medications, their airway clearance. They are more susceptible to infections. Most of them will have a couple of major illnesses a year where they have absenteeism from school or work. It’s not a normal life. So it’s intensive in terms of the time a patient spends on it, and it’s intensive in terms of health care.

X: Why are you excited about the Vertex treatment?

BR: This is the first time that a therapy—a small-molecule, not gene therapy—is actually directed at trying to correct the protein. We’ve had other therapies that tried to improve ion transport by going around and using alternative channels. That’s the approach that [Durham, NC-based] Inspire Pharmaceuticals has with denufosol. But this [Vertex’s VX-770] is actually trying to correct the protein. So if it works, we have shown this concept works. You actually can change a dysfunctional protein into a functional channel. Whether it turns out that Vertex is 100 percent successful or not, this is such a giant step forward, it’s like a man walking on the moon.

Now, the CF Foundation has had a long partnership with Vertex. The CF Foundation decided it had to try to go out and find a small-molecule. So they set up a partnership with Aurora, which then … Next Page »

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16 responses to “Vertex Drug Could Be “Man on the Moon” for Cystic Fibrosis Therapy, Says Researcher Bonnie Ramsey”

  1. Marla says:

    Praise God! Keep the research going, my two girls need it!

  2. Donna says:

    My daughter is going to be 38 years old in January. I’ve been involved with CF for a long time! The research and trials are exciting, but in the mean time we have to keep our children as healthy as possible. I am involved with a product called Juice Plus+. Nutrition is so important for our health. The studies show that Juice Plus+ can give you the fruits and vegetables that you are missing in your diet. JP+ increases blood antioxidant levels in 28 days, it strengthens the immune system, repairs damaged DNA and protects DNA from free radical damage. We need to get our CF patients on this whole food based nutrition. One of my colleagues daughter’s pulmonary function went from 25% to 40% after being on JP+ orchard/garden and Vineyard blend. Look at my web site and see all the research and science that have been peer reviewed and published in medical journals. See what the experts are saying. For more information please contact me at or call me at 847/680-4860. Good health to all!

  3. Kevin Chow says:

    Nice article. It would be worthwhile pointing out that there is another potential therapeutic for aiding mucus clearance in CF patients being developed by Gilead’s pulmonary R&D group based right here in Seattle. It’s a collaborative effort with Parion Sciences of Durham, NC and currently it is in Phase 1 clinical studies.

  4. cecilia says:

    yo tengo tres hijos con fibrosis quistica, y mi duda es , si ya estamos cerca de algo mas prometedor para los homocigotos deltaf508.gracias

  5. BRANDY HARPER says:


  6. Andrew Kolodziej says:

    This is truly walking on the moon. The CF foundation has been the NASA for this endeavor–funding research to improve antibiotic treatment, creating the development network to test therapies and spread best practices has had a huge impact, bringing all CF families together to share experience and knowledge, and funding companies like Vertex, Aurora, Inspire and EPIX to find cures to the underlying problem. There is good reason to hope that there will be a cure or at least a significant ameliorative soon.

  7. Brenda Friend says:

    I want to thank Dr. Ramsey, the CF Foundation and everyone involved in this drug research. Dr. Ramsey was my daughter’s physician 26 years ago. It’s great to have her working diligently on saving our children/adults, and being so encouraging to the rest of us! Bonnie, your Kodiak baby girl says hello and is doing well. She’s teaching 2nd grade and trying to stay healthy. We appreciate all of your hard work and know you’ll get this kicked for us!

  8. Luis Carrillo says:

    My son has CF, he is 8 years old, at the begining, we did not know what this disease was, its been very hard for us to accept that his life is threaten. Its been a new life since two months ago, we hope for the cure or more medical treatments soon, I’m sure doctors are working hard to find it. And, not only 30,000 patients in the US are waiting but all of their families as well. Thank very much.

  9. Alfred arayza says:

    i am a kid with cf.I am 15 and hearing about the cure makes me very happy cuz i want to be normal not haveing to take pills all the time I HOPE THEY FIND A CURE.

  10. jill marchione says:

    My son has the G551D Mutation, we are currently waiting to start the trial at CHOP.I cant tell you how excited we are. for years we have watched promising treatments turn out to be nothing. But we have real hope with VX770!

  11. Brandon B says:

    I have CF. I am a 25 yr old college senior, kinda old to still be a college student, but trips to the hospital makes it hard to continue the course. I live in Houston is there research being done around here? I am all for donating my time to help the others who have CF, because I know we are all sick and tired of taking all those pills and breathing treatments!!!
    Note to all the CF fishermen: Good way to tell if your fishing spot has fish that are feeding, take a good couple of deep coughs spit the mucus in the lake. If the mucus is gone before you can cough up more, throw in, you are going to catch alot of fish!

  12. I am a CF parnet, unfortunetly we lost our daughter at the age of 2 who also was battling CF. I am still very active in fundraising and staying up on all of the accomplishments that have been made. Vertex, I know this is a great leap in the CF community and I comand all that this will work for and I suppoort all and everyone that is out there fighting. I am behind all of you and best of luck to all. Hope and thoughts are going out to all.

    God Bless !

  13. I am a CF parent and unfortunetly we lost our daughter to CF at the age of 2. I am still very active in the fundraising and stay up to date on all of the accomplishments that have been made. I hope and I know deep down that Vertex will be the CURE. I command all of you that are affected by this diesase and all of the parents, freinds, and families that stand behind and supprt all of this research.

    God Bless to all !

  14. Jan Johnson says:

    My niece has CF and after a lung transplant is not doing well. She is 22 years old and in ICU on a breathing machine. Depending on which mutation she has is there any way she could benefit from the clinical trials? This is a last resort so please let me know if there is any hope for her.

  15. SM says:

    I’m 43 and I have the delta F508 mutation. My lung function has declined a LOT in the past 10 years. These drugs are very promising and I am hopeful that it will improve my quality of life. Keep up the good work!