Xconomy’s Top 9 List of How to Deal With the Downturn Now Up to 12 As More Good Advice Pours In

A few weeks ago we ran a story called How to Handle the Downturn: Xconomy’s Top 9 List of Top 10 Lists. We’d been combing the Web looking for an even ten Top 10 advice lists—but came up one short.

Since that time, the advice has continued to flow. One list of particular note, from Glenn Kelman, CEO of Seattle-based online real estate startup Redfin, ran on Sunday in TechCrunch. Called The First-Time CEO’s Recession Survival Guide, it was by far the best of several advice lists we have seen since our original article came out. But there were a few other good ones as well, prompting us to expand our own list, adding Kelman’s survival guide and two other items we like.

You can find our first nine Top 10 Lists here.

Here are our three new lists (note: we are a bit loose in our definition of what constitutes a “list,” and generally look for anything that involves laying out good advice in whatever form):

10). The First-Time CEO’s Recession Survival Guide (Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin, writing in TechCrunch)

Favorite item: Compete With Your Successor (Excerpt: “I often think about what my replacement will do after I’m fired… Worst of all, she’ll get credit for turning Redfin into a successful, thriving business. I think, “I hate her! I hate her!” And then I try to be her.)

11). ‘Your Performance Has Come Up Short’ (Matt Villano, New York Times)

Favorite question (This article takes the form of a Q&A advice column): For the first time in your career, your boss has given you a negative performance review. How should you react?

12). 5 Tips For Vetting a Business Partner—Online (Aruni Gunasegaram Found/Read)
Favorite item: They must be smarter than you are in their respective area of expertise.

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