How to Handle the Downturn: Xconomy’s Top 9 List of Top 10 Lists

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3). Why Startups Fail: A Top 10 List From Geoff Entress, Seattle’s Prolific Angel Investor (Gregory T. Huang, Xconomy)

Favorite item: They don’t change their business model when it becomes obvious that it is flawed.

4). Angel Investor Ron Conway E-mails His Portfolio Companies Over Financial Meltdown (Michael Arrington, TechCruch)

Favorite item: If you are in a funding cycle, you should raise your funding as soon as possible and raise as much as possible.

5). Top 10 Mistakes by Entrepreneurs (Steve Woit, Xconomy)

Favorite item: Failing to communicate with important constituencies

6). Surviving—and Thriving: Entrepreneurs Offer Prescriptions for Tough Times (Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe)

Favorite item: take a long-term view

7). Top Ten Ways for Your Business to Deal With a Recession (Charles H. Green, Trust Matters Blog)

Favorite item: Set a new metric; be in the slower half to lay off people

8). 10 Worst Innovation Mistakes In A Recession (Bruce Nussbaum, BusinessWeek)

Favorite item (remember, these are things NOT to do): Boards Replace Growth-Oriented CEOs with Cost-Cutting CEOs

9). 7 Ways to Talk Your Way To the Top in a Down Market (Abigail Johnson, Roeder-Johnson Corp., writing in GigaOm)

Favorite item: Be clear and articulate about your differentiation and benefits

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