New(ish) on Xconomy: More Venture and M&A Deals Than You Can Shake a Stick At, Thanks to Our Friends at VentureDeal

Habitual visitors to our Boston and Seattle homepages might have noticed something new about a month ago—a pretty blue box perched right on top of the event-listings box and packed full of headlines about venture financings and M&A deals. Click a headline, and you get a tidy little summary of the transaction, complete with information on the target company, investors, terms, and so forth. Click “More VC/M&A Deals” at the bottom of the box and you get a whole archive of transactions from New England and the Pacific Northwest, respectively.

This fantastic new feature of the site comes courtesy of the very generous folks at Menlo Park, CA-based VentureDeal. They provide a comprehensive nationwide database of corporate intelligence, subscription-based access to highly detailed real-time information about funding and acquisition transactions, and a host of custom research services. They worked with us to create custom, geographically sorted feeds for each of the sites in our network in order to provide a unique resource for Xconomy readers interested in local VC and M&A deals—if a deal goes down in one of the regions that our network covers, you’ll be able to find out about it in the VentureDeal box.

For those of you who are fond of Wade, Greg, Luke, Ryan, and Bob’s intrepid reporting on these kinds of transactions (or my weekly roundups of them and other local biz/tech deals), never fear—we plan to continue covering the news as we’ve always done in a our main blog. The VentureDeal feeds are meant to complement this coverage, by providing a comprehensive, reference-style database of all the transactions in our sphere of interest.

We think both types of information—the journalistic and the encyclopedic—are valuable, and we hope you agree. The VentureDeal archive for the Boston area is here, and the one for the Seattle area is here. Check them out and let us know what you think.

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