September 24, 2020


The 2020 National Xconomy Awards are open to individuals, companies, and organizations working across the life sciences in the United States, and feature leaders in the biotech industry, medicine, academia, digital health, and healthcare.
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One of the things that makes our innovation community so strong is the tremendous diversity of people and ideas. We want to celebrate this diversity, so we encourage you to think broadly and creatively when submitting nominees for the categories below. We also encourage nominations of people who have diverse backgrounds and are from underrepresented groups, as well as of companies, organizations, and teams led by such individuals. See the 2017-2019 winners of our Boston awards, and the 2019 winners of our San Diego awards.

Secret Weapon

We all have a secret weapon on our team: someone whose accomplishments and impact far exceed the credit they’ve received. Whether it’s an executive, a more junior employee, an advocate, or someone else in your organization or community, we want to give these unsung heroes the recognition they deserve.

Social Responsibility

We are all charged with a social conscience and so we are rewarding the individual or company that has made a concerted effort to look beyond shareholders to the wider community. Whether is a one-time act of philanthropy or a long-term outreach effort, this award will honor those who have focused on giving back.

Patients First

Patients have become more empowered in drug development and healthcare, advocating for more R&D, more affordable drugs, and better access to both medicines and personal health data. Patients are also partnering with researchers and companies to make sure their voices are heard. This award will recognize those who have gone above and beyond to prioritize the needs of patients.

Deal of the Year

This award is all about the money, so we are looking at deals, including M&A, collaborations, and licensing partnerships, that have advanced the industry’s aims in an outsize way. Has a financial partner allowed scientists to discover something otherwise forgotten, or a last-minute collaboration saved a candidate from the brink of an unfinanced trial collapse to commercial success? We’re looking to highlight a deal that made a significant difference.

Startup of the Year

We’re looking to reward the most inventive and innovative new company to break onto the scene. Nominees can include companies that raised substantial funding, but we’re also looking for scientific advances and creative solutions to the challenges of biology and business.

Ecosystem Development

We’re looking to honor a regional agency, organization, or company that has shown exceptional resourcefulness and accomplishment generating a local environment in which the life sciences community thrives.

Building a Biotech

There’s more to building a successful biotech company than great science. This award aims to recognize the facilities where the innovative science happens, the company culture fostered to help that science thrive, or the incubator that brings all the disparate elements together in an unrivalled atmosphere of invention and innovation.

Breakthrough Drug of the Year

A breakthrough product, an unexpected secondary indication, an unparalleled level of patient success? We are looking beyond a molecule’s commercial potential to recognize a treatment that has tongues wagging in anticipation in both the industry and society at large.

Digital Tech Trailblazer

Apps, hardware, mobile devices, big data, and more—the latest advances in digital technologies are transforming not just drug discovery and medicine, but also how patients collect and use their own health data. This award will go to the person, company, or organization that is cleverly navigating the potential for digital tools to improve human health.

Big Idea

Revolutions begin with a bold, unique idea. It’s the scientific observation that spawns a new way of making drugs, the creative business strategy that alters the healthcare system, or the tech innovation that promises to improve patient outcomes. We’ll honor the people, companies, and organizations who are advancing transformative ideas.