Registered Attendees

Start today and log in to partneringONE® and plan your meetings ahead of time at Life Science Xchange: The New York Breed of Startups.

Take Advantage of Pre-Scheduled, One-to-One Networking!

The partneringONE® platform is the most efficient way to identify and meet one-to-one with the right partners to help you achieve your company’s collaborative goals. By registering for this event, you will be automatically entered into the partneringONE system and will be guided through the process by email. At the event, there will be space provided to meet with your pre-selected matches.

Collaborating on your next big breakthrough or initiating a critical relationship can be a manageable process with partneringONE. The process begins weeks ahead of face-to-face meetings with the objective of closing the deal when you meet onsite. Spend less time scrambling to manage information ahead of the conference and more time pinpointing ideal prospects. Let the system schedule a time and place for all your accepted meeting requests.

Learn more about partneringONE or contact Alexa Pearson with any questions.