Join Xconomy on Wednesday, Nov. 6 at Building Cure on the Seattle Children’s Research Institute campus for an interactive program exploring what’s needed – and what’s next – in the world of healthcare research and innovation. Attendees will hear from those who are pioneering new approaches that are helping to save lives, improve treatments, and drive new medical research that is bound to change the way care is provided to children and adults in our region and beyond.

Seattle is home to some of the biggest game-changing companies in the world. It is also home to innovative healthcare organizations that are using emerging technologies to accelerate research and advance new treatments for patients. Whether using research-based approaches to improve children’s mental health, using data science and other tools to boost patient outcomes, or incorporating new business models to bring research discoveries to patients, the Seattle healthcare community is blazing important new trails in collaboration with other industries in the region such as the technology and biotech sectors.

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An event for the Seattle scientific community, hosted by Seattle Children’s Research Institute
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