With 121 entries, the 2012 Xconomy Guide to Venture Incubators is still Xconomy’s most comprehensive directory of startup incubators. And now you can grab your own copy for only $25, an 88% savings on the original price.

Due to the overwhelming number of new incubators created each year, the 2012 edition will also be Xconomy’s final incubator guide. So don’t miss your chance to grab your copy of this invaluable resource.

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Xconomy’s Guide to Venture Incubators is back for its fourth year and, just like the innovation sector itself, it’s bigger than ever. With 61 new entries—and 121 in total—it is an indispensible directory of North America’s top programs for nurturing early stage startups.

We’ve added icons to the top of each listing to help entrepreneurs quickly answer some of the key questions they might have about an incubator (often referred to as an accelerator): whether it offers financial support, whether it takes an equity stake, whether it is affiliated with a university, and where it is located.

We’ve also provided a state-by-state index of incubator programs, as well as one highlighting those programs that are seeking startups with specific tech specialties, such life sciences, cleantech, mobile, and even social innovation. To add a bit more context to the landscape, we’ve also written a story that outlines some key concerns surrounding the volume of incubators sprouting up.  

The startup ecosystem is booming, but it can be difficult to navigate. Our hope is that the Xconomy Guide to Venture Incubators provides entrepreneurs and other innovation stakeholders a convenient, accessible, and comprehensive roadmap—and that it helps young ventures start out in the right direction.