Online Tech Expands Cloud, Data Services with Neverfail Acquisition

Online Tech, the Ann Arbor, MI-based provider of cloud services, beefed up its capabilities last month when it acquired the infrastructure-as-a-service and data protection businesses of Neverfail, an IT company located in Austin, TX. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Online Tech CEO Brad Cheedle says his company offers managed services around cloud computing. The company’s service include assessing if a customer is cloud-ready or migrating their data to the cloud, Cheedle says. “Companies like us help end-use customers and partners evaluate situations and make sure they’re ready, with a heavy emphasis on compliance,” he adds.

Neverfail, meanwhile, sells products that aim to protect business data and continuity in case some type of disaster were to disrupt operations. It has also offered cloud services, but will “focus exclusively on software” as a part of the deal. Online Tech will become Neverfail’s preferred cloud infrastructure provider as a part of the agreement, Online Tech said in a press release.

By integrating Neverfail’s products to its own, Online Tech gets a bigger national and international footprint, expanded managed services, and virtual desktop services, Cheedle says. “We can better reach and meet the technical needs of our customers,” he continues.

Online Tech’s headcount currently sits at about 80, but Cheedle expects that number to increase to roughly 100 by the end of the year. All Neverfail employees who were a part of the cloud business now work for Online Tech. “We’re assimilating pieces of their business into our culture,” he says. “Each company offers unique products—we’ll find a way to offer our combined products to both customer bases.”

The Neverfail deal represents the second acquisition by Online Tech’s parent company, Schurz Communications, in the past year. It acquired Online Tech in February 2018. Cheedle says people should look at Online Tech as a company on the move.“We have a good culture and the industry is growing really fast,” he explains. “People should be excited about Online Tech and what we’re doing. It’s a good thing for the greater Detroit community.”

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