At New Penn Foster Gig, Stefanski Tackles the “No Good Jobs” Myth

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develop training modules on Adeptli, which students can complete on their own schedule.

“It’s one thing to offer tech training online and another to see the outcomes you want to see,” Stefanski says. “I don’t look at online learning as a panacea, but as an opportunity to provide students with options. Adeptli puts it into an interoperable context that allows a better user experience. It’s easy to use, so students press on.”

Stefanski doesn’t see the country’s current workforce development challenges going away soon, partly because “the skilled base” in many industries is nearing retirement age. When his grandparents worked on the line at Chrysler, he points out, a high school degree wasn’t a requirement. Today, in many increasingly high-tech manufacturing operations, an associate’s degree or the equivalent is needed.

“We’re building a talent pipeline with more alternative pathways to the training and experience people need to take advantage of open jobs,” Stefanski says. “We hope to be a gateway to the middle class, and I want to reach out to the corporate community and educational community for a very important conversation about what’s at stake.”

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