VentureWell Brings Med Tech Acceleration Program to TechTown Detroit

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the list below.

AIM Tech (Ann Arbor, MI): A medical device company, AIM Tech is the maker of NeoVent, an ultra-low-cost, low-tech infant ventilation system for use in developing countries and other places with a lack of resources.

AvidCore (East Lansing, MI): AvidCore makes a cardiac device and app that allows a smartphone to monitor heart rate and rhythm, pulse oximetry, and skin temperature.

D&P Bioinnovations (San Diego, CA): Founded by a stem cell researcher, D&P makes a bioresorbable, “off-the-shelf” implant that that can regenerate a damaged esophagus.

Edditek (Champaign, IL): Edditek has developed “surface technology” for spine implant manufacturers that increases bone fixation, preventing biofilm formation and implant failure.

Embryyo (India): A med tech research and development firm, Embryyo specializes in inventing medical devices and “clinical need-finding.”

GreenMark Biomedical (East Lansing): GreenMark is developing dental products that involve biopolymer nanoparticles produced from natural starch.

Melius Outcomes (Ann Arbor): Melius has created Web-based quality improvement software that uses existing clinical data from electronic health records to improve patient outcomes.

Nanochon (Burke, VA): Nanochon makes a 3D-printed knee implant for veterinarian and sports medicine applications.

NucleoBio (San Antonio, TX): NucleoBio is focused on prostate health and cancer therapeutics.

Soft Lesion Analytics (Ann Arbor): Using algorithms and microfluidic technologies, Soft Lesion Analytics automates the point-of-care biopsy assessment process so patients can get cancer diagnoses faster.

TheraB Medical (East Lansing): TheraB has developed a product called the SnugLit, a portable, wearable treatment for infant jaundice that also promotes maternal-infant bonding and breastfeeding.

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