Catching Up with 2016 Techstars Mobility Class: What Did They Learn?

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about Detroit. A summer spent in the Motor City has apparently changed her mind. “I loved it here,” she said. “As a German, I saw Berlin after the war and the decline was similar, so I can relate to what the city has gone through. I also see the potential here. To my surprise, the city has really grown on me.”

That seemed to be a common sentiment, judging by the number of Techstars Mobility companies choosing to remain engaged with Detroit. Here’s a little more detail about each company and what it’s working on:

Acerta makes enterprise software that uses machine learning to detect anomalies and predict failures in real time for vehicles coming off the assembly line.

Algocian develops edge-computing software that uses deep learning to make cameras smart.

Braiq personalizes the ride experience in autonomous vehicles by teaching artificial intelligence how to better read human emotions.

Cargo is the in-car marketplace for the ride-sharing economy. Drivers can earn more money and improve rider experience by providing essential goods on-the-go.

Donut Media is the media company for the next generation of automotive enthusiasts.

Drive Spotter makes machine learning software that trains human drivers and autonomous vehicles for enterprise fleets. The Omaha, NE-based company plans to open an office in Detroit.

HAAS Alert is mobile vehicle-to-vehicle software that delivers preemptive notifications to motorists, informing them of issues in the road ahead. The company is working on a smart city pilot with the city of Detroit, where it will provide its technology to first responders.

Hero is a mobile app that helps prevent drunk driving by incentivizing bar customers to get home safely.

Rally connects groups, event-goers, and commuters for crowd-powered transportation. The company is working with the Detroit Pistons and McDonald’s on a pilot project to make it easier for people to get to basketball games.

Spatial is a location API (application programming interface) that uses artificial intelligence to answer questions only a local would know.

Voyhoy is a multi-modal booking platform that helps people save time and money traveling long distances across bus, plane, train, ferry, and rideshare in Latin America. The company said its site has had 5 million users since it launched in beta last year.

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