Analysis: With a Tight Smile, Trump Details Economic Plan in Detroit

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wealth,” and he criticized China for unfair labor practices as well as “rampant theft” of American intellectual property. Clinton, he added, has had a disastrous effect on the country’s trade-negotiating power.

“It’s been a disaster for our country,” he insisted. “If I don’t get a better deal, we’ll walk away.”

Trump said he’d also significantly reform the country’s tax structure, lowering the number of income brackets from seven to three and reducing the amount of taxes any corporation would owe to 15 percent. “It’ll be the biggest tax revolution since the Regan tax reforms, which unleashed years of growth,” he promised.

Perhaps because he knows how important the issue is to conservative Michigan donors like Betsy DeVos, Trump also hammered away at education policies that deny students “freedom of choice.” (Read: non-charter public schools.) He also said he and his daughter, Ivanka, were hard at work on a plan to “increase choice and reduce the cost” of child care. When he pointed to Ivanka from the stage, the audience erupted into enthusiastic applause.

There were other bits of red meat tossed to the calmly receptive crowd—repealing Obamacare, giving police “the money they need to bring law and order to this country,” immigration reform, and fixing the Veterans Administration—but Trump showed discipline in keeping the speech mostly about the economy. (NPR went through the trouble of fact-checking the feasibility of his economic plans here, and our own Wade Roush analyzed the candidate’s support of innovation here.) The kinds of changes he has in mind, he said, will make cities like Detroit come roaring back.

At one point, Trump seemed to credit himself with New York City’s transformation in the 1990s from a city on the brink of economic and political chaos to the safe and prosperous metropolis it is today.

“We all remember what a disaster New York City was. We made it great again, and that’s what I want to do for this country,” Trump said, before pausing and lowering his voice to a near whisper for dramatic effect. “And it won’t even be that hard.”

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