Attracting, Retaining Talent Key to Driving Economy Forward


A major issue continues to be how to attract and train the necessary talent to drive forward both individual businesses and the economy as a whole. This issue is being addressed in pockets (such as some nascent, innovative programs in Michigan), but not nearly at the scope that is needed.

Among other things, it involves changes in how we view secondary education, college and vocational training, immigration, and the relationship between employers and educators. And change is both essential and urgently needed.

[Editor’s note: To tap the wisdom of our distinguished group of Xconomists, we asked a few of them to answer this question heading into 2015: “What’s the most important issue in business or technology that did not get addressed in 2014?” You can see more questions and answers here.]

Chris Rizik is the Chief Executive Officer and Fund Manager of the Renaissance Venture Capital Fund, a venture capital fund of funds formed by a consortium of several of Michigan’s largest corporations. Follow @ChrisRizik

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