SproutsIO’s Microfarming Units Can Turn Your Apartment Into a Garden

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sections of the city, as a perfect proving ground for technology that allows people more control over where their food is grown.

“If we can get more people involved in the process of where their food comes from, we can cut supply chain inefficiencies,” she says. “We don’t want to replace farm-grown food, but supplement it. Over time, growing with SproutsIO costs less than going to the grocery store—the units and cartridges pay for themselves. It becomes an incredibly viable solution to access fresh produce.”

Though the price point at this early stage might be prohibitively high for many Detroit residents, Farah encourages interested home gardeners to sign up to beta test the SproutsIO units.

“What we care about is creating an alternative so people know they have a choice in the food they’re eating,” Farah adds. “I look at things like, how do we make adaptable systems for cities that work more like software? My interest is in developing plug and play systems that can easily be incorporated in cities. When we have potentially millions of people using SproutsIO, it could really change the way food is grown.”

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