Tobocman: Eric Cantor’s Defeat Hardly the End of Immigration Reform

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afraid of how it would play out with African American voters. “Duggan doesn’t seem to share that concern, but I think that has more to do with Duggan’s comfort as mayor and the wide margin of victory he had in the election,” Tobocman added.

Elsewhere in Michigan, a group of technology leaders, including the biosciences industry organization MichBio, are hosting a roundtable discussion on immigration reform at 10:30 a.m. on June 27 at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce in Lansing. In addition to MichBio, the attendees will include members of Michigan’s congressional delegation, the Michigan Farm Bureauthe Detroit Regional Chamber, and members of the immigrant community.

Tobocman said the June 27 event is another indicator that there is growing movement on immigration reform in Michigan. More and more people, particularly outside the Beltway, consider their economic future the most important political issue, he believes, and they see how immigration reform can play a role in rebuilding cities plagued by population loss, disinvestment, and unemployment. “That’s why it’s important to see places like New York City, Minnesota, and Toronto doing so well with robust immigration,” he said.

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