NeuMoDx and Jeff Williams Capitalize on Lessons Learned at Handylab

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don’t need to hover over the process as it carries out. “The holy grail for molecular diagnostics is an end-to-end solution,” she says. “Jeff and Sunda’s experience at Handylab is very complimentary to what they’re doing now. They know where the challenges are and how to address them.”

Brahmasandra estimates that NeuMoDx is 24 to 30 months from bringing its technology to market. The company’s goal is to develop the NeuMoDx 500 as a stand-alone platform and then find partners for marketing and distribution.

NeuMoDx has chosen to tailor the product for the testing lab, not for healthcare workers to use directly at the point of patient care. Brahmasandra says he doesn’t believe point-of-care testing will move beyond small sections of the overall market. “Quality control is the lab’s domain,” he says. “The specimens might be collected in different settings, but hospitals will continue to be the central test setting, at least in the Western Hemisphere.”

As the company draws closer to launching its product, it expects to double its headcount. “We have confidence that now it’s just an execution challenge,” Brahmasandra says. “We want to grow to 30 employees to help with that.”

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