Ford Taps Researchers at Stanford, MIT to Develop Automated Vehicle Tech

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spot in the crowded garage. The car will also be able to maneuver its way back out of the parking space.

Within the next five years, Ford is also planning to deliver traffic jam assistance features. Vehicles will use the car’s forward camera to see where the lane lines are. If a driver gets too close to the edge, the car will give the driver a cue to move back toward the center of the lane. Using adaptive cruise control and sensors in the car’s grill, the vehicle will also be able to maintain a gap between it and the car in front of it. “You put those two together and it makes the car drive for you in a traffic jam where the goal is to stay in your lane and maintain your distance from other drivers,” Stevens adds.

Stevens says all of Ford’s automated vehicle research projects are funded for two years, but Ford will extend them if necessary.

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