Accelerate Michigan Competition Unveils 2013 Finalists

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Fossil Bay Energy: Fossil Bay Energy is commercializing a novel method of CO2 gas flooding that involves producing injection gas at the wellhead rather than delivering injection gas via pipeline.

Gantec: The Midland-based startup has developed advanced, plant-based growing aids, allowing agricultural professionals to reduce costs, cut back on synthetic chemicals, and improve the growth of their plants.

Greenlancer: Based in Detroit, Greenlancer is a Web-based engineering company with a team of freelance cleantech engineers.

HealthCure: The Detroit-based company’s business model is focused on reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections by providing healthcare facilities with evidence-based, cost-effective resources selected from a chaotic and complex marketplace.

IMET: The Northville-based company has developed green muffler technology that reduces emissions and saves fuel in a cost-effective way.

Inmatech: Ann Arbor’s Inmatech aims to commercialize its next-generation supercapacitors for power management based on technology developed at the University of Michigan.

Inventev: The Detroit-based startup is developing the next generation of plug-in hybrid vehicle technology to save more operating costs and increase sustainability with a capital-efficient commercial fleet truck.

KontextualAnn Arbor’s Kontextual is a cloud- and mobile-based software platform that helps companies become more metric-driven and better able to share important information.

LiteBrake Tech: The Hancock-based company has developed a patent-pending vehicle braking component targeting applications for consumer cars and light trucks, but also applicable to a wide range of vehicles.

LogikSync: LogikSync seeks to enable responsible gun ownership thorough something called Clipalock, which includes benefits of built-in gun safety technology packaged as an accessory.

Microcide: Based in Detroit, Microcide offers microbicidal nanotechnology using inexpensive, food-grade ingredients serving the agriculture, healthcare, consumer, manufacturing, and natural pest control industries.

Micro-LAM Technologies: This Southeast Michigan company provides an adaptable tool that delivers precision machining capabilities for ceramics, semiconductors, glass, and metals, which leads to greater efficiency and improved profitability.

MitoStem: Detroit-based MitoStem focuses on developing novel stem cell technologies, particularly pluripotent cells, which scientists can use to coax into any other cell and researchers believe will be used in the future to replace diseased and damaged organs.

Munetrix: Auburn Hills-based Munetrix has developed a comprehensive suite of financial reporting, management, and forecasting tools designed specifically to meet the needs of local government and schools.

Nostrum Energy: The engine tech company makes products that enable fuel consumption and emissions reductions for in-field vehicles through aftermarket kits.

Nowza: Harper Woods-based Nowza has developed a first-of-its-kind platform that uses geolocation and time to determine, deliver, and display relevant product offers on an event attendee’s smartphone. For instance, if a user was at a concert, Nowza could display the song being played with a link to an MP3.

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