Accelerate Michigan Competition Unveils 2013 Finalists

Xconomy Detroit/Ann Arbor — 

More than 50 semi-finalists competing in the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, the annual business-plan competition targeting mid-to-late-stage startups located across the state, have been announced.

At stake is more than $1 million in cash prizes, plus in-kind awards of services, staffing, and software. More than that, Accelerate Michigan winners are usually considered among Michigan’s most promising startups and companies to watch. Winners will be announced during the finals, which take place Nov. 12-14 in downtown Detroit.

A number of the companies competing, like Kontextual, Advaita Bio, and TurtleCell, have already popped up on Xconomy’s radar. For a full list of the semi-finalists, see below:

Advaita Bio: The Plymouth-based biotech startup is a spinout of Wayne State University. Advaita has developed software called Pathway-Guide that helps researchers and pharmaceutical companies understand the data generated during next-generation gene sequencing.

AMF-Nano: The Ann Arbor company develops, designs, and manufactures patented next generation, ultra-miniature smart sensor systems that are the “brains” of advanced electronic systems.

AutoBike: Troy-based AutoBike has designed a bicycle that shifts automatically, allowing riders to go up and down hills with ease and a controlled speed.

BioSavita: The company, based in Plymouth Township, develops patented products for the drug development market, including yeast strains that are genetically engineered for high production yields of immunotherapeutics and antibodies.

BridgeGuard: Hancock-based BridgeGuard has developed bridge inspection tools that don’t require lane closures or re-routing commercial traffic.

CourseWeaver: CourseWeaver produces a next-generation learning and content management platform that merges isolated learning management systems, educational content, and tools into one.

Covaron Advanced Materials: The Ann Arbor startup has created a patent-pending technology called Petraforge, a thermosetting material that can provide advanced physical properties comparable to advanced ceramics but is more durable, relatively low cost, and able to utilize raw materials from industrial waste.

CP Electronics: Based in Detroit, CP Electronics has developed the world’s first wireless load measurement device used by researchers for the improvement of human gait for use in prosthetics.

CureLauncher: This online service helps connect patients to clinical trials with service that goes beyond the Internet. CureLauncher translates the language describing the trials into lay terms, matches patients to trials, and contacts the trial site on behalf of patients.

DataSpeaks Health Solutions: The Troy-based life science IT startup is focused on detecting previously unrecognizable patterns and relationships in large, complex time-series data.

Easy G: Based in Beverly Hills, Easy G has developed a portable, wireless ECG device that can be used to monitor patients on the way to the hospital.

Eco-Fueling: The Saline-based startup has invented the world’s best renewable co-fueling solution for commercial transportation that results in a significant fuel economy improvement while reducing particulates and nitrous oxide emissions.

ENT Biotech Solutions: ENT Biotech Solutions has developed a surgical tool for adenoid, tonsil, and soft tissue removal.

First Sense Medical: The Bloomfield Hills startup has developed prototype device tests for breast cancer using 3-D advanced thermal profiling, which the company says eliminates the need for highly trained specialists, works with women of any age and with breasts of any density. … Next Page »

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