Bamboo Offers “Family” Style Co-Working Space to Detroit Startups

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are we doing for Detroit?” That sentiment is kept in mind as Bamboo fulfills its mission of supporting the startup community, Ferlito says. “We’ll go balls to the wall when someone here comes up with an idea,” he explains. “The founders are here every night until midnight or 1 a.m. We want to combine our skills and resources to give [tenants] actionable steps.”

Recently, a big tech company from San Francisco contacted Bamboo about paying top dollar for six dedicated desks in the space. Bamboo’s founders say they turned them down, even though that money alone would have paid the rent each month, because they’re so serious about fostering collaboration that they didn’t want one company to dominate the space and distract other tenants.

“I’d like the focus to be on the community,” Davis adds. “The environment we have at Bamboo is like a family.”


We are family: Bamboo is a new co-working space in downtown Detroit that aims to provide early-stage startups with an affordable place to build and collaborate.

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