International Caregiver Network, JEMS Tech Sign Mobile Health Deal

JEMS Technology, the Orion, MI-based mobile health company, announced late last month that it has signed a deal with the Southfield, MI-based International Caregiver Network (ICN) to offer JEMS’ remote monitoring platform to ICN’s network of home health and hospice care providers. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

JEM offers plug-and-play, real-time video streaming to smart phone and tablet devices, which in turn allows doctors or nurses to offer medical guidance from afar. The system complies with privacy requirements under HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Remote monitoring and consultations are especially important in rural and other areas underserved by medical professionals. “With our technology, it goes right into the doctor’s pocket, so they can be two places at once,” says JEM Tech’s CEO Kevin Lasser. “It gives the ability to consult anytime, anywhere.”

Doctors not only use JEM’s platforms to communicate with patients, but with other doctors and caregivers, too. Specialists anywhere in the world can be consulted. “To put it simply, we’re Skype on steroids,” Lasser says.

Lasser says that JEMS is growing and doing well. The JEMS team grown to 10 people and Lasser says that though it wasn’t an easy journey, the company is now cash-flow positive. So far, the company’s technology has been used in federal prisons, by emergency responders, and by government entities. “We’re finding that our platform was what we thought it was,” he says. “Our technology hasn’t changed, but now we have feet in the street and strategic partnerships.”

The lastest partnership with ICN came, we’re happy to say, as a result of the mobile technology conference Xconomy hosted in downtown Detroit earlier this year. Lasser sat on a conference panel and was asked a “great, smart” question from David Solomon, ICN’s managing partner. After the event, Lasser looked him up on LinkedIn and a dialogue began. Eventually, it led to the distribution deal announced in April.

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