Algal Scientific is Big Winner at Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition

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Polymers is commercializing a proprietary chemical process for recycling polyurethane scrap destined for landfills into a new line of products used to make new polyurethanes.

Ornicept, Alternative Energy:  Ornicept has developed automated bird-monitoring technology for wind energy developers, military natural resource managers, regulators, and airfield controllers.

Protean Payment, Products & Services: Protean Payment, the Ann Arbor-based startup and TechTown client, has developed the reprogrammable Echo card, which uses a mobile app and a tiny, embedded computer to mimic your debit, credit, loyalty, or prepaid cards. Fun fact: Thiago Olson, co-founder and CEO, is a defense engineer and plasma physicist who built a nuclear reactor in his parents’ basement during high school.

Peoples Choice Award, $10,000:

Retia Medical: Headquartered in East Lansing’s Technology Innovation Center, Retia Medical makes monitors for high-risk patients in the operating room and in intensive care units.

Student Winners:

Kymeira Advanced Materials, University of Michigan: Kymeira makes “thermoset ceramics” materials that can outperform many existing high-grade engineering ceramics.

Lemon Peel, Hope College: Lemon Peel makes a Vital Sleep Headband with noise-cancelling technology and vital-sign monitoring to help hospital patients sleep.

SkySpecs, University of Michigan: SkySpecs designs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that gather video and other data from locations that are difficult or dangerous for a person to access.

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