Ann Arbor’s Llamasoft Raises $6M Series A Round

Lllamasoft, the Ann Arbor-based analytics software company, announced this week that it has raised a $6 million Series A round with investments from Ann Arbor-based Augment Ventures, Detroit-based First Step Fund, and MK Capital, which has offices in California, Illinois, and Ann Arbor.

“We’ve been on a significant growth path, and we’ve established Llamasoft as a market leader,” says co-founder and executive vice-president Toby Brzoznowski. “As we bring on new customers, there’s an opportunity to expand our market share, and we want to take advantage of that.” Brzoznowski adds that Llamasoft will use the funds it raised as operating capital.

Llamasoft was founded in 1998 to create digital supply chain models and help its clients develop strategies to reduce costs and risk, and optimize inventory. Its flagship product is Supply Chain Guru, a leading supply chain design and predictive analysis application that is now in its seventh version. Llamasoft also became an early leader in carbon footprint modeling, which helps its clients tweak supply chain operations to accommodate emission reduction and carbon offset initiatives.

Brzoznowski declined to specify what Llamasoft’s annual revenues are, though he did say they’re “under $100 million.” Llamasoft has 150 employees, with 75 added in the past year alone, and Brzoznowski says the company plans to add another 30 to 40 over the next 12 months. The company plans to remain located in Michigan.

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