U-M Announces Venture Shaping, Dare to Dream Grant Recipients

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their cars out for the length of their trip.

  • Reveneyes.com: Platform to join data across healthcare institutions to provide a single profit per visit for every patient encounter.
  • SISTAH Butters: Company developing natural hair care products for African American women.
  • SMRT Delivery: Technology preventing premature replacement of pipeline infrastructure.
  • Swadesh Clinics: Mobile health clinics for patients in rural India.
  • TBD Analytics: Comprehensive management tool for large scale infrastructure projects.
  • UniSprout: Crowdfunding website for university alumni to donate to student ideas and ventures.
  • Wintergreen: Stone aggregate technology to refine and normalize fly ash in Shanxi, China.
  • Yearney: Online marketplace enabling small tourist businesses to market to travelers.
  • A company called Dinner With, which is an online fundraising platform connecting charities to a broader donor base, won a $1,500 grant. Four companies won grants of up to $10,000: Exo Dynamics, which makes an active back-support system for surgeons and other professionals using technology developed at the university; PhotoSocial, creator of tool for organizing and sharing photos on mobile devices; Real Good Food, a large-scale food trading and sharing service; and Torch Hybrid, which has developed a control mechanism for use in marine hybrid engine applications.

    The next round of grants will be announced in spring 2013. The Mayleben Venture Shaping grants are funded by Aastrom Biosciences president and CEO Tim Mayleben and his wife, Dawn. The Dare to Dream program is funded by Eugene Applebaum, founder of Arbor Drugs, Inc. and president of Arbor Investments Group.

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