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Accelerate Michigan Announces 2012 Semi-Finalists

Xconomy Detroit/Ann Arbor — 

The 53 semi-finalists competing in Accelerate Michigan, the busi­ness-plan com­pe­ti­tion tar­geting mid-to-late-stage startups located in the state, have been announced. At stake is more than $1 mil­lion in cash prizes, plus in-kind awards of ser­vices, staffing, and software. More than that, Accelerate Michigan winners are usually considered among Michigan’s most promising startps and companies to watch. Winners will be announced during the finals, which take place Nov. 13-15 in downtown Detroit.

The semi-finalists competing in the categories of Information Technology, Alternative Energy, Advanced Materials, Next Generation Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Medical Device, Advanced Transportation, and Products & Services are:

2 of 10: A veteran-owned startup founded to develop and commercialize innovative concealed carry products for the professional law enforcement market.

AccuTherm Systems: Spinout of Accumed Systems develops interventional cardiovascular devices.

ActaTex: Developer and manufacturer of low-pressure nanofiber membranes.

Aegis Bleu: Developer of software that assesses weaknesses in infrastructure security.

Algal Scientific Corporation: Developer of wastewater treatment technology that removes nutrient pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus from municipal and industrial wastewater while producing algal biomass that can be used for products such as fertilizer, bioplastics, and biofuels.

ArborWind: Designer of patented vertical axis wind turbine technology.

Biophotonic Solutions: Laser-technology firm with global product sales exceeding $1.5 million annually.

BioSavita: Biotechnology company focused on accelerating therapeutic antibody development.

Blaze Medical Devices: Medical device development company focusing on improving the efficacy and safety of blood transfusions.

Blue Water Bioproducts: Manufacturer of environmentally friendly, high-performance polyurethane resins from renewable sources.

Breonics: Developer of a technology to solve the shortage of transplantable kidneys.

Brio Device: Developer of a series of airway management devices for clinicians who insert breathing tubes into the windpipe through the procedure known as intubation.

Civionics: Provider of wireless monitoring for sub-meter building utilities, real-time energy audits, and controls for minimization of facility resource consumption.

CloudAccess.net: Cloud-based Internet hosting company.

Coliant Corporation: Designer, manufacturer, and distributor of rugged electrical accessories under the Powerlet brand.

Dynamic Intelligent Solutions: Provider of testing and measurement solutions that enable companies to develop better products more affordably.

ECO-Fueling: Developer of of a new fuel savings retrofit product.

Enkive: Developer of email archiving and e-discovery software and spin off from the Linux Box Corp.

ENRG Power Systems: Developer of an easy-to-retrofit ignition coil system to reduce fleet vehicle operating expenses.

ENT Biotech Solutions: Developer of a surgical tool tailored to adenoid removal (adenoidectomy).

Eco-Park/EWI: Developer of new technology to break down and re-use scrap tires.

HireStarts: Developer of website described as a “combination of Facebook and Match.com” to connect college students with hiring companies.

Ideomed: Developer of software to manage a patient’s chronic conditions with an affiliated care team.

InfiChem Polymers: Developer of proprietary chemical process for recycling of polyurethane scrap destined for landfills into the InfiGreen line of polyol products used in production on new polyurethanes.

InPore Technologies:  Developer of water-purifying technology that uses sub-micron particles as additives for water filtration membrane applications.

Interleaved Magnetic Products: Designer of a new magnetic motor that uses flexible printed circuits rather than wound wire.

Intrinsic Medical Imaging: Developer of Spectrum, a cardiovascular medical imaging platform.

Inventev: Developer of electric drive system it will install on OEM-branded new trucks to meet the needs of medium-duty commercial fleet owners.\

iQ-Telematics: Developer of driver distraction mitigation technology.

Jiva Pharma: Developer of dietary supplements that deliver digestive and immune health benefits.

KashPile: Money management site that helps parents teach their kids to earn, save, and spend responsibly.

LED Optical Solutions: Provider of engineering, development and design services to the commercial lighting industry.

Micro-Laser Assisted Machining Technologies: Developer of a diamond-cutting tool coupled to a high intensity laser.

Midwest Flare Recovery: Developer of technology to reclaim gaseous hydrocarbons emitted at the wellhead as a byproduct of oil production.

Monarch Antenna: Developer of adaptive antennas for wearable, conformal, and Smartphone applications.

Munetrix: Developer of a suite of financial reporting, management, and forecasting tools designed specifically to meet the needs of local units of government and schools.

nanoMAG: Manufacturer of engineered biomaterials developing and commercializing next-generation, high-strength, lightweight nanomagnesium biocompatible materials with applications in orthopedic medicine.

NextCAT: Developer of heterogeneous catalysts for biodiesel production that will enable cost-efficient processing of feedstocks like residual corn oil, waste vegetable oil, and brown grease.

Nutriinfo.com: Developer of software for corporations to improve and sustain health of their employees or customers.

NXT GEN LED: Developer of LED streetlights to replace traditional mercury vapor lamps.

ONL Therapeutics: R&D Company developing therapeutics to prevent vision loss due to retinal disorders by inhibiting photoreceptor death.

Ornicept: Developer of automated bird-monitoring technology for wind energy developers, military natural resource managers, regulators, and airfield controllers.

Patient Provider Communications: Developer of nurse-call technology for hospitals.

Phenometrics: Manufacturer of plant science instrumentation.

Poligan Peptides: Developer of unique peptide compositions that alter the body’s immune response when it is not performing properly.

Protean: Developer of Echo, a reprogrammable card meant to combine and replace all the cards in a person’s wallet.

RecoveryPark: Non-profit helping to revitalize Detroit through innovative job creation projects.

Retia Medical: Developer of monitors for high-risk patients in the operating room and intensive care units.

Supported Intelligence: Developer of Rapid Recursive Model of analytics to improve the way valuation and risk assessment decisions are made.

TigerLAB: Developer of the Oxygen Flow Diverter respiratory device.

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  1. Jack says:

    Any word on who the winners were last night at Accelerate MI