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Accelerate Michigan Announces 2012 Semi-Finalists

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affiliated care team.

InfiChem Polymers: Developer of proprietary chemical process for recycling of polyurethane scrap destined for landfills into the InfiGreen line of polyol products used in production on new polyurethanes.

InPore Technologies:  Developer of water-purifying technology that uses sub-micron particles as additives for water filtration membrane applications.

Interleaved Magnetic Products: Designer of a new magnetic motor that uses flexible printed circuits rather than wound wire.

Intrinsic Medical Imaging: Developer of Spectrum, a cardiovascular medical imaging platform.

Inventev: Developer of electric drive system it will install on OEM-branded new trucks to meet the needs of medium-duty commercial fleet owners.\

iQ-Telematics: Developer of driver distraction mitigation technology.

Jiva Pharma: Developer of dietary supplements that deliver digestive and immune health benefits.

KashPile: Money management site that helps parents teach their kids to earn, save, and spend responsibly.

LED Optical Solutions: Provider of engineering, development and design services to the commercial lighting industry.

Micro-Laser Assisted Machining Technologies: Developer of a diamond-cutting tool coupled to a high intensity laser.

Midwest Flare Recovery: Developer of technology to reclaim gaseous hydrocarbons emitted at the wellhead as a byproduct of oil production.

Monarch Antenna: Developer of adaptive antennas for wearable, conformal, and Smartphone applications.

Munetrix: Developer of a suite of financial reporting, management, and forecasting tools designed specifically to meet the needs of local units of government and schools.

nanoMAG: Manufacturer of engineered biomaterials developing and commercializing next-generation, high-strength, lightweight nanomagnesium biocompatible materials with applications in orthopedic medicine.

NextCAT: Developer of heterogeneous catalysts for biodiesel production that will enable cost-efficient processing of feedstocks like residual corn oil, waste vegetable oil, and brown grease.

Nutriinfo.com: Developer of software for corporations to improve and sustain health of their employees or customers.

NXT GEN LED: Developer of LED streetlights to replace traditional mercury vapor lamps.

ONL Therapeutics: R&D Company developing therapeutics to prevent vision loss due to retinal disorders by inhibiting photoreceptor death.

Ornicept: Developer of automated bird-monitoring technology for wind energy developers, military natural resource managers, regulators, and airfield controllers.

Patient Provider Communications: Developer of nurse-call technology for hospitals.

Phenometrics: Manufacturer of plant science instrumentation.

Poligan Peptides: Developer of unique peptide compositions that alter the body’s immune response when it is not performing properly.

Protean: Developer of Echo, a reprogrammable card meant to combine and replace all the cards in a person’s wallet.

RecoveryPark: Non-profit helping to revitalize Detroit through innovative job creation projects.

Retia Medical: Developer of monitors for high-risk patients in the operating room and intensive care units.

Supported Intelligence: Developer of Rapid Recursive Model of analytics to improve the way valuation and risk assessment decisions are made.

TigerLAB: Developer of the Oxygen Flow Diverter respiratory device.

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2 responses to “Accelerate Michigan Announces 2012 Semi-Finalists”

  1. Jack says:

    Any word on who the winners were last night at Accelerate MI