Bringing Fantasy Sports to the Bar With MyInteractiveVision

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team information from Yahoo, CBS, ESPN, or Fox, considered the “big four” of fantasy platforms. Players will receive a unique indentifier code that they’ll be able to text to the network, which will allow them to see their team information live on the MySportsVision screen as they sit in the bar.

Eventually, Jung and Freeman envision a fully interactive network where players can use their identifier codes like digital wallets to purchase products off the screen. “Advertisers get to build a one-on-one relationship,” Freeman explains, adding that people will also be able to take their purchases viral by sharing them with social networks. “A lot of people are focused on smart phones right now, but our approach is the opposite. The app is something we’ll build down the road.”

Jung, who lives in Southwest Detroit, says they intend to build the company in the city and will formally launch in the first quarter of 2013. The company’s goal is to settle into a location close to Ford Field, where the Lions play. “We want to be in the heartbeat of Detroit, one of the great sports cities,” he says. “We’ve designed our operating system to scale quickly nationwide, but we are bound and determined to make this a Detroit success story.”

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