SenseAide: Digital Eldercare Coming to a Computer Near You

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innovative products. “My expenses were paid by AARP and there has been a lot of interest since,” he says.

Rao sees a unique opportunity in the upcoming changes to hospital re-admissions ushered in by the Affordable Care Act. Medicare already won’t cover a patient that is readmitted within 30 days of discharge, and Rao says that starting next year, hospitals will be penalized if they can’t bring their re-admission rates down. Rao envisions that SenseAide can play a critical role in the post-discharge care, allowing caregivers to keep track of patients across physical boundaries and agencies and keep them on track. “If the patient’s loved ones are not at home, it’s a small price to pay,” Rao adds. “It used to be that adults looked to finance retirement by selling their homes and tapping into that money. But that story has been so severely damaged that people are looking for anything that helps them stay in their homes longer. “

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