LiveSnip Nabs Startup Weekend Detroit Win Among A Talented Crowd

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and paste them into a live-updating dashboard. In the future, if all goes according to plan (and that’s a big if at this tadpole stage), users will be able to share their dashboards with their social networks through a unique link. LiveSnip also plans to offer a private, password-protected dashboard to companies to use internally for $9 per month.

LiveSnip is the brainchild of 20-year-old web developer and serial entrepreneur Nathan Cahill, who came to Startup Weekend Detroit with the idea and “a little script” he had written to make the backend work. After he pitched his idea Friday night and it made the cut, he walked around the Madison Building talking to other participants until he found the team that fit the project—Carl Winans, Christina El-Haddad, and Delane Parnell—and quickly began tweaking the technology.

For their Startup Weekend efforts, the team behind LiveSnip won tickets to the upcoming Michigan Lean Startup Conference in Grand Rapids, which Cahill is thrilled about. “It’s really big for a lot of people,” he explained. “I mean, tickets are like $250 a piece.”

For more about the teams that competed in Startup Weekend Detroit, click here.

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