Xconomist of the Week: Sakti3’s Sastry on How to Succeed in Cleantech

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at reading,” and hand a newspaper to someone else to read aloud to him or her. So I think that as we get the next generation interested in really making an impact on the world, we need to think about how to educate them about the tools required, which of course include math and science. I believe that young people will work to develop needed skills, if they believe they can make a better impact by being well rounded.

X: What characteristics does a person need to possess in order to start and run a successful company?

S: An ability to see the world as you think it should be, and a belief that your team can make it so. A healthy sense of optimism. An ability to see the good and the potential in others.

X: What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own cleantech company?

S: Pick a technology that you care about, and select excellent team mates that you enjoy working with.

X: How close is Sakti3 to starting the pilot battery-production phase?

S: We’re committed to sending out some prototypes fairly soon.

X: Are you satisfied with the pace at which consumers are buying electric vehicles?

S: Low gas prices in the U.S. relative to the rest of the world will mean that adoption of electric-drive vehicles will be slower here. Costs of batteries need to come down, also.

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One response to “Xconomist of the Week: Sakti3’s Sastry on How to Succeed in Cleantech”

  1. kantilal says:

    Excellent Personality,
    I am very much impressed.
    I wish I had heard about her long before!
    I am a Clean Tech enthusiast and always wanted to do some research in the field. I do have some ideas which could be materialized if I can get a team of people with same zeal and dedication to work with.

    I have been struggling to get at least one who could at least boost me up and support to excel in developing my ideas to reality.

    I have no time restriction to devote once I get a suitable platform to play.

    I wonder if I will get that in any research institute for Clean Energy!!??


    [email protected]