Mobile Monday: Android Software Platform

Speaker: Jon Oberheide, CTO of Duo Security and Walt Capers, Senior Software Architect for Compuware.

Jon Oberheide’s presentation will deconstruct Google’s Android mobile platform and its security model, from the base OS, to the Android middleware, up to some case studies using third-party applications. As Android emerges as a leading OS in the mobile market, there’s much to be learned from both the victories and failures of Google’s design decisions and their impact on Android’s security model. Jon will showcase some fun attacks used to subvert the base Android system, as well as third-party applications in use on Android handsets around the world.

Walt Capers will be discussing the use of Android NDK. He will review porting C-code to the Android platform, which is very timely in light of Google’s recent push for the Android NDK r3 to enable higher-quality graphics for game development.

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