Mobile Technology and the Cloud

Mobile Monday Detroit sponsors an evening forum featuring talks by Patrick Foley, Architect Evangelist for Microsoft, and Jim Jakary, Senior Regional Sales Manager at Fiberlink.

From the event website:

“As more and more companies support more and more complex mobile scenarios, the need for a reliable and cost-effective back-end solution is paramount.  Users expect access to personal and corporate data from whatever devices they choose to carry, blurring the traditional boundaries of corporate firewalls.  Development timelines for mobile applications are usually measured in days or weeks, not months or years, so they need to provision resources quickly, and a successful mobile app may need to scale very rapidly as well.

With his presentation, ‘Mobile and The Cloud – A Perfect Match’, Microsoft’s Patrick Foley will explain how cloud technologies match these needs of mobile software development perfectly.  The cloud is cheap, reliable, secure, ubiquitous, and easy to scale.  His presentation gives an overview of what “the cloud” is, who the major players are, and how mobile developers can take advantage of cloud technologies today.

Patrick Foley is an ISV Architect Evangelist with Microsoft.  His responsibilities include helping software companies, including mobile software companies, to build on top of the Microsoft platform, particularly in the areas of Windows Phone and Windows Azure.

Also presenting will be Jim Jakary, Senior Regional Sales Manager with Fiberlink Communications.  Fiberlink designed, built, markets and maintains MaaS360, the only true cloud-based wireless solution for managing worldwide mobile devices and life cycle for smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers.

Jim’s presentation will focus on the realities of enterprise remote device management using a cloud-based utility solution.  He will share mobile industry trends and best practices seen while working with Fortune 1000 companies, discuss core attributes that define cloud-based services for mobility, and provide insights to help attendees see and manage smartphones, tablets, and laptops that connect to corporate systems.  Further, he will contrast SaaS offerings with “hosted” mobility solutions, and talk to key IT considerations for each delivery model regarding on-premise hardware and software, maintenance, updates, network configuration, licensing, and life-cycle.”

Information and registration here.