Expedia To Roll Out New Hotel iPhone App Designed By Mobiata

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out additional apps for iPhone and Android phones.

U.S. smartphone sales are expected to grow to 95 million units this year, according to the research firm Gartner. By comparison, mobile PC shipments will total 50.9 million in the United States compared to 45.6 million from 2010.

In addition, Gartner identified mobile search, defined as a visual-based product search to compare prices and check information, as one of the top 10 mobile applications to watch in 2012.

“To bring mobile search to the next level, the [ideal] app would allow users to take actions based on the result, such as making a call or reservation, buying a ticket, placing an order, and so on,” the Gartner report says. “Gartner advises search providers to build the experience around mobile to allow users access to immediate results and to take actions, given the short time span users have.”

Mobiata, which operates as a separate subsidiary of Expedia, is the essentially the brains behind Expedia Everywhere. The company’s work on Expedia Hotels will eventually show up in airfare, car rentals, and entertainment bookings.

Ideally, Kazez says, Expedia customers will one day search and book everything through one integrated platform on their phones.

To make that happen, Mobiata is currently on a hiring binge. Thanks to Expedia’s deep pockets, Mobiata has at least 25 positions open, mostly for software engineers.

With the extra help, perhaps Kazez can finally find that dream apartment.

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