Surprises of 2010 and What to Look for in 2011


Biggest Surprises:

  • How risk adverse most VC’s are. I was expecting “bigger thinking” and more insight into energy and energy efficiency issues.
  • How little debate there is in the media regarding global warming and the cause/effects: many automatically believe that the earth is getting warmer and humans are the cause, even though measured data strongly shows that neither may be true.
  • How little regard most politicians have for the cost of various technical approaches to improved efficiency. The market always votes with dollars and low cost solutions almost always win.

Top Things to Look for in the Coming Year:

  • Will energy “myths” continue to prevail or will economic realities begin to set in?
  • How long will it take for “economic gravity” begin to sort out the energy alternatives?

Don Runkle is CEO of EcoMotors. Follow @

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