The Story of Detroit Added Some Significant Chapters in 2010; Here Are 10 of Them

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just remember that a guy named Henry Ford was one. And we all know what happened in his garage. Well, hackerspaces like i3Detroit and OmniCorp Detroit are springing up all over the city with some crazy ideas that just might work.

Even the Ford Motor Co. is getting back into its roots in the maker space, partnering with TechShop to create a branch in the Detroit area. But it all came together in a weekend of full-blown tinkering last summer when the Maker Faire came to Dearborn, MI. 

Gov.-elect Rick Snyder

I first began writing about technology back in 2001, when the head of a new Ann Arbor VC firm called Ardesta started making investments in nanotechnology companies.

Part of this guy’s vision was to also create a news organization to cover the industry he was funding. So, he found a bunch of newspeople to do just that. I started writing and editing news about nanotechnology for Small Times Magazine, and the head of Ardesta went on to make some investments in the space.

The guy who hired me was Rick Snyder.

Fast-forward almost a decade, and he is now the governor-elect of the state of Michigan. Whether you agree with his politics and policies or not, there is one thing that Xconomy Detroit readers can be assured of — the new governor understands the language of entrepreneurship.

How this will translate to actual governing? Well, watch this space throughout 2011.

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2 responses to “The Story of Detroit Added Some Significant Chapters in 2010; Here Are 10 of Them”

  1. My #1 Michigan story in 2010 was Detroit’s popular opinion victory. In 2010, for the first time in my adult life, popular opinion in Michigan tipped in favor of saving Detroit. Thank you Xconomy, for becoming part of the solution with the launch of Xconomy Detroit.

  2. Thank you, Michael. We’re trying! There are still many who consider Detroit to be a burned-out hulk, but it is based on outdated information. It’d be tempting to focus purely on Ann Arbor for news about entrepreneurship, but I’ll keep reporting on the cause for optimism in Detroit.