It Seems Everybody Has Advice For Michigan; What Do You Think?

At Xconomy, we queried our network of innovation leaders across the country for their list of the most important things that we here in Michigan can do to reinvigorate our economy, and we’ve been publishing the results in our “Xconomist Forum” section. Recently, somebody asked me whether I thought all this advice for Michigan from outsiders was a little condescending to Detroiters.

I responded that I’d be thrilled if readers got angry at some of these columns. There’s nothing like controversy to generate hits and discussion!

But, in general, I think there is recognition here that Detroit needs all the help it can get. To say things are bad here is a severe understatement. And even the biggest Detroit cheerleaders at least recognize that. So, if anybody from Boston, Seattle, San Diego, or anywhere else has some good advice for us, there are few people in Southeast Michigan who would get offended.

Yes, some of the suggestions from our Xconomists might make a few Detroiters mad. Others reflect things that are already being done, and still others are direct criticisms of actions being taken. Well, we have a couple more weeks of these posts coming up, and we want to encourage you to contribute ideas of your own, or agree or disagree with what has been discussed so far. When it’s over, I’ll have a few things to say about these ideas. Meanwhile, please let us know what you think.

Here are some of the ideas our Xconomists and others have come up with, along with links to their full columns. You can contribute to the comments section on individual posts, or let us know, in general, what you think of the series at [email protected]

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