Invest in the Convergence of Life Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, and IT


Xconomy Detroit/Ann Arbor — 

Developing the economy of Detroit and surrounding areas is going to take some significant time. Thus, some entrepreneurs and innovators need to take the long view by engaging with the research universities, institutions and medical centers to develop people and new innovations for the future.

This would include working with leaders of these institutions to encourage public, local, state, and federal resources. It would also involve including promising leaders from these organizations in new startups and established businesses.

Since many of the major challenges of the future such as sustainable energy, food, environment, and health care at a sustainable cost are related to life sciences, this field of science should not be overlooked for investment and development. The convergence of life sciences with engineering, physical sciences, and IT is an emerging opportunity that will help generate many exciting future jobs.

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Dr. Phillip A. Sharp is an Institute Professor at MIT, and formerly the director of the Institute's Center for Cancer Research, the head of its Department of Biology, and the founding director of the McGovern Institute. Dr. Sharp won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work on "discontinuous genes" in mammalian cells. Follow @

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