Fertility-Focused Kindara Lands $5.3M Seed Round

Xconomy Boulder/Denver — 

Kindara, the Boulder, CO-based company with a digital health tool that helps women get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, has raised $5.3 million of seed funding to finish manufacturing and launch its device, called Wink. The funding will also help the company expand into other areas of tracking women’s health.

Founded in 2012, Kindara developed an app that helps women figure out when they have the greatest chance of getting pregnant by tracking related data, such as her basal temperature, ovulation cycle, and other pregnancy-related details. Last year, the company built Wink, a Bluetooth basal thermometer that connects to Kindara’s app, to help gather and track that data.

Kindara says that 750,000 women have used the app since it was founded and says it has helped 75,000 women get pregnant. It expects to begin shipping the Wink device later in 2015. The company has not submitted its device for FDA review, but according to its terms of use, Kindara says that it may collect data to support an application for FDA clearance.

The company isn’t alone in the space. Cambridge, MA-based Ovuline has a pregnancy app of its own that has similarities to Kindara; Austin, TX-based Conceivable takes the approach of charging customers a monthly fee for a treatment plan.

While Kindara may be focused on fertility, it plans to use the funding to expand the app to help women track their overall health, such as what they eat, when they exercise, or the vitamins they take, a spokeswoman said. That may help a woman identify the impact of what she eats or when she exercises causes changes to her fertility chart, the spokeswoman said.

The seed funding round was led by Boston Seed Capital, along with participation from SOS Ventures, Good Works Ventures, PV Ventures, MENA Venture Investments, and 62 Mile Ventures. SOS provided $1.25 million of previous funding along with Vast Ventures, Drummond Road Capital, and angel investors.