Fort Collins-based Beagle Fetches Go Code Colorado’s Top Prize

A team from Fort Collins took home the top prize last week at the inaugural Go Code Colorado challenge. The event is a competition sponsored by the state of Colorado to encourage startups to use public data collected by state agencies to create apps that can solve problems for businesses.

Beagle earned a $25,000 contract with the state for its Web app, which it says creates a business “fitness score” for companies looking to open a new location, according to a release. It bases the score on dozens of sources and can work as an embeddable widget designed for real estate websites.

Second place and a $15,000 contract went to BizLink Colorado, a company from Durango. BizLink helps business owners create a business-to-business social network that can help them find reliable service providers and potential partners.

Colorado Springs-based Local Sage took third place and a $10,000 contract. It created what it considers a user-friendly app to assist businesses with site selection for new offices or locations.

According to the Go Code Colorado website, 10 finalists from five cities competed for the prize. The organization hosted preliminary competitions in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Durango, and Fort Collins.

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