Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network’s Leaders Learning Early Lessons

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that are growing at 50 percent a year that haven’t had to raise any capital and that have really compelling stories and really great opportunities,” he said.

That early evidence suggests that Holston’s prediction that there could be about 100 Colorado companies with the prospects to be gazelles could prove to be true.

3) Interest is higher than anticipated

With the Blackstone name, the buzz generated by a flashy kickoff event, and an A-list of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and politicians lending their support to the project, Holston expected a lot of interest in BEN Colorado.

But Holston said he didn’t expect as many inquiries as he’s gotten.

“We’re overwhelmed. Response has been great from two sides. There are lots of companies that are interested in connecting” and lots of potential mentors, Holston said.

“I’ve been surprised at the number of companies that have reached out to see how they can get involved,” he said.

Holston is also struggling to keep up with all the inquiries he’s received from individuals seeking to become advisers or master entrepreneurs.

“Folks are highly interested in helping wherever they can,” he said.

4) Connections already are being forged

Holston has said he wants to be able to make public some of BEN Colorado’s early success stories within 60 to 90 days. That means he’ll have to work quickly, and work already is underway.

“We have started conversations with a few companies that may become some of the early members of the network,” Holston said. “We’ve made some good progress on that front.”

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