PivotDesk Launches in 23 New Markets in Rapid Nationwide Expansion

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with PivotDesk. [Sharing offices] was not something people thought of at the time, so we really needed to spend our time doing a lot of solid groundwork before we launched in a market,” Mandell said.

“Over the past 18 months or so, the brand has gotten much, much stronger. People are starting to understand who we are, and some people are even starting to use our name as a verb,” for finding or sharing office space, he added.

Mandell admitted that nearly quintupling the number of cities PivotDesk serves presents a challenge, but said that the company and its investors are confident it will work.

“Our goal is to flip the switch all at once,” Mandell said. “We’re going to work as aggressively as we can in every market all at once.”

“We’re hoping that the strength of our brand, word of mouth, and more people understanding what we do is going to help those markets grow much quicker than those original markets did,” he said.

In other news, PivotDesk also released an e-book today titled “Build, Grow, Learn, Know: The Wonderful Life of a Startup.” The short book is written like a children’s book, and Mandell said writing it was a chance to take a humorous look at the struggles of building a startup.

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