Four Colorado Startups Advance to Next Round in Startup Tournament

Four Colorado startups punched their tickets to Washington, DC, last night after winning regional titles in the 1776 Challenge Cup, a global business plan competition.

The competition is trying to find promising startups that can solve problems in healthcare, education, energy, and urban planning or “smart cities.” The event is managed by the 1776 startup co-working and mentorship program, which is based in Washington, and is taking place in 16 cities across the world.

In Denver, 22 startups competed in four tracks. The winners now go on to DC for the final phase of the tournament. They could win $50,000 if they’re one of the two best in their track, and $150,000 if they win the overall title.

CampuScene took the top spot for education. It is developing software that colleges and universities can use to post virtual tours and interactive features for prospective applicants.

WeatherCloud won the smart cities competition. It is developing sensors that can be attached to automobiles that can relay very precise information about weather conditions to a central server. Its founders believe that information can lead to better forecasts that will lead to fewer traffic accidents and fatalities.

Asius Technologies won the healthcare track. It has developed a small component that can be added to hearing aids and audio equipment that it says creates a better and safer listening experience.

Avivid won the energy track. It is developing a water purification process that can remove contaminants from water used in hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” which is used to drill for natural gas.


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