Scheduling App Maker TeamSnap Grabs Rival Weplay’s Users, Content

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it is a validation,” DuPont said.

“They focused a bit on the flash. Flash is great as long as you’ve got a great product, and we focused on the product,” DuPont said. “It’s not saying they did things the wrong way, it’s saying that we did all the right things by focusing on the product.”

TeamSnap—which celebrated its fourth anniversary on Tuesday—has raised a total of $4.4 million and closed a $2.75 million round in February. Investors include eonBusiness, Trinity Ventures, Toba Capital, and Torstar, the Canadian media company that owns the Toronto Star.

TeamSnap has spent about half of what its VCs have invested, with much of the money spent on a recent push to build its marketing team, DuPont said.

Its leadership has made an audible or two. TeamSnap’s key product is turning out to be its iPhone app, although mobile apps weren’t part of its original business plan.

“A mobile app wasn’t even a gleam in our eye,” DuPont said.

The next step for TeamSnap is to add features that leagues, organizations, and associations can use to manage the schedules of multiple teams.

“We’re not just a team tool anymore,” DuPont said.

TeamSnap said on its website that Weplay will remain up and running for the time being, with TeamSnap eventually moving over Weplay users’ data and keeping some of Weplay’s more popular features.


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