Rally Opens Strong on Wall Street with $400M Market Cap; Stock Up

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the vast majority of companies are doing that. As a result of being able to file confidentially, it was a pretty orderly process. There were no real surprises,” Miller said.

Still, the process has been all-consuming, and over the past several months, “that’s all I’ve been focused on,” Miller said. He said he’s eager to return to Boulder and get back to the day-to-day work of running the company.

The Future

Miller said he expects the next few months to be comparatively quiet as Rally settles in to life as a public company. One task though will be making sure Rally preserves its corporate culture.

Rally has won repeated awards as one of the best places to work in Colorado—and the country—and among its perks is an option for long-time employees to take a six-week sabbatical. Rally has a headcount around 380 employees companywide.

Rally employees also are quite active in the community and support organizations like the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, which was given a small amount of equity and will benefit from the IPO.

Miller said he believes Rally will be able to maintain its culture, and that being a public company will allow it to increase its community involvement.

Rally’s IPO is the first for a Colorado-based software company in more than a decade, according to media reports.

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