Tagwhat’s “Feed” App Serves Up Deals in Right Place at Right Time

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is to provide the targeted data it compiles to online publications doing local deals, like local papers, or possibly online dating sites that could let users know about deals at places where they could meet.

Feed originally was a component of Tagwhat, the company’s first app. Tagwhat provides users with an always-updating “mobile tour guide for the world” that features original information about cities, neighborhoods, and landmarks. Tagwhat’s content is geotagged, and when the app is running content can be delivered directly to a user’s device based on where they are. Tagwhat also provides links to external content, such as businesses’ websites, Wikipedia, or YouTube.

When Feed was beta tested in Tagwhat, usage of the app doubled, Elchoness said. That convinced Tagwhat that Feed was promising enough to be a freestanding app with priority over its namesake app.

Tagwhat the app has more than 100,000 users and “many million” geotagged items, which include user-generated articles and links, according to Elchoness. Tagwhat has three employees and is self-funded, but now it needs to start raising money while further developing Feed, he said.

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